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Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

I remember reading somewhere, or maybe it was an Instagram Story; many bloggers or influencers shopping online, trying the product at home, getting cute pictures clicked in it and returning it to the store. I also reposted that story on my Instagram!

The whole thing shocked me! I understand, bloggers and influencers cannot buy every item they like, and that should not stop them from posting it on their blogs and Instagram feeds, but I am literally struck by the sheer spending and consumerism that it generates.

I, my entire life, I have always pondered over before buying something and still had my closets full. I have been that girl who says, “I do not have anything to wear!” every time I open my closet. I too was part of this mass of people who just buy things not realizing how it fits in my closet.

So, if you read till here and still cannot figure out what I am saying, I will make it clear- I am against overspending and second, I want to actually portray whats in my closet is actually there, plus I wear it many times!

I found a great concept about building a “capsule wardrobe” and I am building it for myself each day. A capsule wardrobe is essentially having a few pieces that you love and mixing and matching them in your wardrobes. A capsule is supposed to last a season and can be changed from season to season.

I would also like to mention the youtuber Dearly Bethany who kind of follows this concept but she inspired me to start this.



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