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How To Quickly Dry Nail Polish

How To Quickly Dry Nail Polish

Ah, it is 31st December today. And this will be my last post for 2017 !! Gosh. I started blogging in June and it is already 6 months into it. Wow! Anyways, I hopped on here to share a quick nail tip with you all.

Ever in a rush to get your nail polish dry off quickly? I personally have sometimes, smudged it moments after applying it. And the emotion at that very moment, ugh, can hardly explain.

Well, I was sitting on this tip for some time, and I always do this. ALWAYS! After applying nail paint. I let it stay for 5 minutes. I do not touch it. And then, I head straight to nearest water tap near me. I put my nails under running cold water, wipe it nice and smooth. And Voila! You are done.

No heating, no UV rays or whatever happens in the nail salons. I bet your nail polish would not smudge.


Ring | Nail Paint- Birthday Suit (Sally Hansen) 

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