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Plan for 2018!

Plan for 2018!

So, 2018 is right here and still wondering how to make the most of it? Let’s get real if you are reading this article, no matter how many resolutions you make, you can not get through them. So what is it, that you need?

♡ A little will-power. To push yourself and keep doing the things that you planned for. Now, I am not preaching stuff here, but for doing anything you need a little mind of your own to complete it.

♡ A planner. To plan, of course. I love this cute pink planner that I am using for my 2018 year planning. Or just get yourself a notebook, to write down your tasks.

♡ Post Its & Reminders. If you are not the conventional planner girl, try and use the REMINDERS app on your iPhone or Google Calendar for Android. Set up alarms too. Also, stick post-its opposite your bed, so that you can see them the first thing in the morning when you wake up.

♡ And the most important thing is, progress higher as you go. I mean, do not be hard on yourself from day 1. Stick to things and make slight changes to your lifestyle, and take it a level up from February.

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