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Indian Pizza Delicacy

Indian Pizza Delicacy

This weekend, Peeyush and I were out for long hours. The weather in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and neighboring places was warmer as well. There was something special about our lunch. We had an Indian Pizza (Paneer Pizza ). This was at a nearby restaurant. The ingredients roughly were:

  • Paneer / Tofu
  • Coriander (to garnish)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese (of course)

The best part of the pizza was, the tofu/ paneer pieces were neither big nor small. They were the right size to fit in the mouth. The base was baked at the right temperature and chopped coriander was sprinkled on top for garnishing.

I would love to take my close ones to the place ( Pizza Pub) and they had lots of varieties of pizzas in Indian style to serve.

By the way, I enjoy cooking on the side and if you are too, come check out my Food Channel on Youtube.