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How to use HASHTAGS correctly?

How to use HASHTAGS correctly?

If you do not know what Hashtags are- they make the search easier. They also help in finding, joining and following the conversation thread.

Hashtags are used by many businesses and audiences for them to be discoverable.


Use Hashtags with Images. An image is already visually appealing. If added hashtags, it boosts up the image for engagement.

Use Trending Hashtags. For Twitter, I often prefer using the hashtags that are trending at that moment. This helps me join the conversation.

Group your Hashtags. Try to group or pair all the hashtags at the end of the description.

Explore Hashtags. It is important to know what hashtags are being used in your industry.

Use Campaign specific Hashtags. If you are a business and running a campaign, it is advisable to use a specific hashtag. Once done, create an alert for whenever a person uses your hashtag.


Just use Hashtags. To only use hashtags in your description can take out the value or quality from your post.

Don’t Hashtag each word. I have seen so many people make this huge blunder. They hashtag every word. This does not help in the search. Only because even though you may get hits, the content is not readable.

Using Incorrect Hashtags. Do not reference other campaigns incorrectly. Run a google search, research and utilize the hashtags wherever suitable.

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If used correctly and if you follow my Hashtag Do’s; this is how you can use HASHTAGS on Social Media.


-Tweets with hashtags get more engagement in comparison to a tweet without a hashtag.

-Try to Tweet with 1-2 hashtags to get the maximum out of the tweet.


-Use up to 30 hashtags now on Instagram

-The more hashtags you use, the better it is.


-Please do not use Hashtags here. Hardly anyone does a Facebook search of hashtags.


-Do not use Hashtags over here.


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