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3 ways to Avoid Conflict

3 ways to Avoid Conflict

I am writing this on a special day because this is one thing that all relationships aspire to achieve and I have been learning and doing some things that help me avoid conflict.

But first, Merry Christmas to y’all…

1. When in disagreement over things, I always go by the principle ” think before you speak”. Often at times, we speak something that should not be said or is too wrong. So give a thought what next you want to say.

2. Second, if you feel things are going way beyond the waterline, the best course is to leave that place. Go sit in some other room or walk away at that moment. Believe me, it is best to avoid any hurt that could further damage your relationships.

3. Also, there is one another thing. This takes a bit of practice and needs a compassionate heart. Always, always think from the other’s angle. Remember the time when you tell your friend what fight happened and they say, ” yeah, but he/she meant this…. I feel”. This is exactly that.

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