I was a bit intrigued by the all the hype from “Stranger Things” that I started watching the series. It is just not scary but keeps you hooked. I always jump late on the bandwagon, so yes, it is the first season that I am watching now! Just wanted to share what is new going on.

Coming to my recent thought on Blogging Each Day, I have been kinda in the middle over this one for a long long time.

Back in the days, like 4-5 years earlier, bloggers could REALLY blog whenever they wanted to, it is like they did not have a HECK OF A pressure on them. Nowadays, the story is so different.

Successful bloggers (and not me!) quote that blogging is 20% writing and ALMOST 80% promotion.

Another IMPORTANT thing – Quantity does not matter but quality does.


Almost most of my time goes in sharing my content! I share it on so many platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and it does not stop there…. It goes on and on. So I seriously question, Should I REALLY blog every day?

Now for me, I do not work right now, and I do not have kids, so TIME should not be a constraint! But if I have to answer that for everyone blogging or interested in blogging; let us break it down:

How often should I blog?



  • If you are in your early days, blogging each day makes you fall in love with it or just makes you understand if it is not something for you! The more you write, the more you know what you are OK with and what is not comfortable as well.
  • Another big thing is that way you write. In Blogging dictionary, it is called the Finding your VOICE. If you write each day, it is easier for you to figure out what your normal tone is.
  • A third reason for blogging each day is that it surely helps in finding newer things to write about. Exploration happens and Variety is served.
  • Another one of a reason is – your audience grows. Now I saw that happen FOR MYSELF. I mean, when I blogged continuously for a week, I saw an increase in my subscriber audience the next week onwards.


  • One big reason is when do I promote? All my time would go in writing that it becomes extremely exhausting.
  • The business of blogging has changed and more effort is now spent like I said in Promotions and Sharing your content. The backend has more things that just putting out content each day, every day.

How often should I blog?



Like clothes and shoes, no size fits all. So there is no one way to what exactly is the RIGHT, right!

For me, I know what I need to do, I do have a lot of time, so I should really invest in pushing out quality content every day.

If you want to change your blogging routine, avoid making abrupt changes. You can increase to everyday second day or decrease to every second day. That works.

Ask your readers, it is for them that you are writing, right?

Plan your Content to not get a writer’s block or stuck up with a commitment but not getting any time to write it. A content calendar works best here. I will share more on the tips for a Content Calendar in a blog post next week.

Ok, Now I am off to writing another major blog. Till then figure out if you have not, what your blogging schedule would be and share below how many times a week do you blog?

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday.

Chat soon, Bhavana x


how often should i blog