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Instagram Live & Maintaining Hair Roots

Instagram Live & Maintaining Hair Roots

I recently had my first Instagram live session. And I am planning to make it a regular phenomenon. Plus there will be lots of giveaways coming right up with each Instagram live session. So to announce formally, I will be having these Instagram Live sessions every Thursday at 4:30 PST and I will be announcing the giveaway at the end. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (find the link here) to stay up to date on my Live sessions.

On my previous Live Session, I shared about my favorite Hair Products. But trust me, its not in the products, its all in the technique and usage.

To make things simpler, let me share my product recommendations first.


Instagram Live | Hair Root Maintenance | The TeaTime Girl

Instagram Live | Hair Root Maintenance | The TeaTime Girl

Instagram Live | Hair Root Maintenance | The TeaTime Girl

♡Shampoo: Dove

♡ Conditioner: Dove

♡ Serum: Tony & Guy, or this one

♡ Hair Dryer: this one

♡ Coconut Oil- I use this one. 

And now for the most important thing.

Tips for Maintaining Hair Roots

♡ Since I have medium length hair, I use two pumps of the Dove Shampoo. For long hair, use three pumps and for short hair use one pump. The trick is not to use excessive shampoo, but to lather up with water and rub it well in the hair.

♡ I use Dove Conditioner only once a week. This gives me super smooth and soft hair. If you do not want to use a conditioner, that is also fine. The best conditioner for your hair is oil. Read my hair oil tip below.

Serum to me is the like hair softener but on steroids. It softens my hair and strong. I take a small pump of the Serum and rub it in both hands. I put it on my ends and avoid the roots completely. The Serum is like a protective layer that does not let my hair be damaged when I blow dry it.

♡ There are many alternatives to washing one’s hair like Dry Shampoo. But, I totally refrain from using them. My use of a Dry Shampoo only happens once in three months or four months. The chemicals from the dry shampoo are applied directly to the roots and I do not want any damage happening there for sure. On the contrary, I wash my hair every day. Yes, every day. Like our skin has dirt at the end of the day, likewise, our hair also grabs on to the dirt. Thus, washing is important for good roots and healthy scalp.

♡ I blow dry my hair every time. The trick is to let the hair in the dry towel for a while. After about 15 minutes, I go in and blow dry only the ends. Since you must have guessed by now, I am a huge believer in maintaining roots, I do not blow dry my roots.

♡ Add a dash of Coconut oil to your Roots. Let it stay for one hour before getting in the shower. Be sure to rub it gently and tap the coconut oil in the roots.

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