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Fun Things to Do With Your Husband

Fun Things to Do With Your Husband

It is very easy to get bored and all wired up in daily chores. We do not find time for ourselves too, but I have a list of crazy/fun things to do with your husband that will take your boredom away. Plus, one can always go for a fancy dinner, but these things can be done at your home and only one thing- time!


It is a pretty delicious thing to do. Get your easiest cake batter out and bake some cookies, brownies or cakes. Nowadays almost all stores carry easy and simple cake mixes that you can use. The easiest one for me is the Ghiradelli Brownie mix, see here to buy one now. (make 6 batches with this pack)


Try to capture the craziness and fun here. Use crazy props like- a birthday hat, or some hot air balloons. You can get all this from your nearest Dollar Store or you can see something like this.


DIY is a great way to enjoy time with each other. I and my husband did a couple of home DIY projects with doing our nightstand and my vanity table. We used IKEA furniture to do our remodeling and our small project. It did take few days but I loved the entire process.


DIY Stuff to do with your husband | The TeaTime Girl

(P.S. – This picture was taken when we were doing the IKEA Nightstand DIY at home… I look terrible and its my husband Peeyush behind the lens who wanted to capture a silly picture of mine when I look so horrid, lol)

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