My obsession with coconut oil is huge. If I had the chance, I would dab my whole body in it. But, since I do not do that, I ensure, each and every part of my body is well nourished my Coconut oil. Before I say further, let me tell you how good coconut oil is for my hair and you can decide for yourself.

My favorite way to use coconut oil is before having a head bath. I use coconut oil for my roots and dab a bit of it on the ends of my hair.

This leaves my hair soft and nourished after a good head bath. Read this post where I talk about my favorite hair products.

The trick with coconut oil is to heat it up a bit, like lukewarm and then massage in your scalp. I massage for around 10 minutes in my entire scalp.

Another trick is to pat the coconut oil in the exact middle section of the head. That is the major point for all our head roots and scalp and this benefits the hair strength a lot.

I use coconut hair oil every week. I apply it an hour beforehand and keep my hair tied in a bun. And at the end, I have nice, shiny, soft hair.

Now time for facts:

♡ Coconut oil helps in fighting dandruff and lice.

♡ It strengthens the hair by strengthening the follicles and providing the nutrition to them.

♡ It adds moisture to the hair.

♡ Coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner for one’s hair.

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