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Tastiest Cafe in Bay Area

Tootsies at Stanford Barn was a welcoming experience for both, Peeyush and I. We decided to visit the place for brunch and pre-ordered some coffee and hot chocolate before. The hot chocolate was creamy and tasty. The chocolate tasted pure greatness once we had it. Such rich chocolate taste was never tasted by both of us. Visit them here.

Indian Pizza Delicacy

This weekend, Peeyush and I were out for long hours. The weather in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and neighboring places was warmer as well. There was something special about our lunch. We had an Indian Pizza (Paneer Pizza ). This was at a nearby restaurant. The ingredients roughly were: Paneer / Tofu Coriander (to garnish) Tomatoes Cheese (of course) The best part of the pizza was, the tofu/ paneer pieces were neither big nor small. They were the right size to fit in the mouth. The base was baked at the right temperature and chopped coriander was sprinkled on top…


I fondly remember it- the one day trip to New York City literally. It was almost an year back! In the March of 2016. Before I tell you how I landed up there, here is a little back story and my fascination with New York. MY NEW YORK CHARM No better place than New York! New York was my Wall Street dream! Back in my school days, I had a fascination with Investment Banking and wanted to work at the Wall Street. I grew up wanting to major in Finance, but life had something better for me… What I mean,…