All Time Favorite Bride Flicks

Are you a to-be-bride? or are you a bridesmaid? If yes to any of the above questions, you definitely have to watch these bride/wedding movies. I can enjoy them on any Friday night. The List ♡ The Wedding Planner ♡ 27 Dresses ♡ Bride Wars ♡ Runaway Bride ♡ My Best Friend’s Wedding ♡ My Big Fat Greek Wedding ♡ Bridesmaids ♡ Made of Honor Which one is your absolute favorite Bride movie? Hope you enjoyed. Cheers! Bhavana (The TeaTime Girl) Subscribe

Top Bridesmaid Dresses in Pink

The bride is not complete without her bridesmaids. And a team of bridesmaids is the backbone and crucial support that the bride needs. For those brides, who want their weddings managed to perfection, the bridesmaid’s dress is crucial. The color has to be perfect. Nowadays, many brides are choosing various offbeat colors, but one golden choice will always be Pink. One of the favorite colors for bridesmaids is – PINK. It signifies the girliness and their free spirit in the color pink. Pink naturally comes in various tones, crimson, rose, quartz, baby pink, etc. Few bridesmaid dresses that are my…