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Tastiest Cafe in Bay Area

Tootsies at Stanford Barn was a welcoming experience for both, Peeyush and I. We decided to visit the place for brunch and pre-ordered some coffee and hot chocolate before. The hot chocolate was creamy and tasty. The chocolate tasted pure greatness once we had it. Such rich chocolate taste was never tasted by both of us. Visit them here.

No-Frizz Hair on a Budget

I always find lots of hair conditioners at major prices in stores. But recently, I came across one that actually was not harmful to my hair and made me go from “frizz” to “no-frizz“. It is this hair conditioner that provides moisture and has the goodness of Shea Butter, Peppermint, and Apple Cider Vinegar. It smoothes and nourishes my hair. Also, it has the essential properties of Jamaican Black Castor Oil that helps in hair strength.

Indian Pizza Delicacy

This weekend, Peeyush and I were out for long hours. The weather in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and neighboring places was warmer as well. There was something special about our lunch. We had an Indian Pizza (Paneer Pizza ). This was at a nearby restaurant. The ingredients roughly were: Paneer / Tofu Coriander (to garnish) Tomatoes Cheese (of course) The best part of the pizza was, the tofu/ paneer pieces were neither big nor small. They were the right size to fit in the mouth. The base was baked at the right temperature and chopped coriander was sprinkled on top…

laptop lifestyle: an app for millennials

With a busy lifestyle, surely can sometimes feel forgetting tasks and chores. The millennials call it the “laptop lifestyle” just so because they can be found anywhere with a laptop in their hand. Eating, walking, talking we are glued to our laptop. Non-stop. Often at times, life on the run can be difficult and daunting with lots on our to-do list. This can be easily simplified by taking notes as an when an idea or a point has to be jotted down. An app that we already have with us on our phones or in our laptops is the notes app. If you are…


Hey there fellas. I am in San Mateo, a half hour drive from San Francisco. It has been raining the entire two days. Rains get a hell of gloomy weather and with all that cloud, it affects me. I wondered if gloomy days affect you as well… Do you know Seattle that is pretty gloomy has one of the highest suicide rates.?! I understand why! Peeyush says to me, he would move to Seattle for sure. Lol. Staying Optimistic  Ways ♡ 〰 I burned a candle and played some nice soothing music. I am loving the Piano and Chill playlist on Spotify. You…


Hi guys. The spring and summer months are coming and continuing my spring must have themes, I wanted to share some important affordable finds for your eyes. The sun is getting stronger and with the UV rays. With wearing specs sometimes, I usually shy away from sunglasses. But when I am outside, I mostly hang with contacts. That is when I incorporate sunglasses. For me those simple sunglasses are of no use, that added layer of UV protection is necessary. It is almost like we need UV protection for our skin then why not for our eyes. UV PROTECTION, YES FOR…


I use my photography gear for clicking beautiful flatlays and pictures for my blog and Instagram, I use the following gear: Canon T6 : buy here Limostudio Umbrella Lights: buy here Phone Ring Light: buy here Plus, I use 1 TB Hard drive to store all my files, get one here. For any questions, email me at Till then, X, B  


Rose gold has been a favorite of mine and many I know. I recently did a poll on my Instagram stories. Each one of you said yes to budget rose gold decor. Hence, I got you some home decor items that capture the rose gold aesthetics. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7  


Hey guys. Spring is just around the corner. I totally feel this year is flying away! I stocked up a few items for this season and I would recommend all my girlfriends too. JORD WATCH The collection of unique watches at Jord made perfect sense to add this list as a “must-have.” These pristine wood watches can be coupled with any outfit and run from day to night. I got myself Koa wood and Rose Gold watch from their women’s collection.   Jord watches is running a giveaway currently. To participate you should fill in this form here. One lucky person will get…


Hi guys, I was meditating yesterday. I have never been a person to meditate, ever! But when I needed clarity and good thoughts, I thought, why not! You can do it too if you want all the positivity. Being self-aware and knowing your own body is the best way to love oneself. And we need to love ourselves. Our body needs it, our heart and our mind need it. We need to look at ourselves, FIRST! Why I say that, because- here is my backstory: In 2016, I was in Toronto and I fainted. Now, I may look thin and…


{download the printable}   Hi guys, it is 2018 and if you saw my last Instagram stories, I was doing my 2018 Goals and Vision planning. I also created my 2018 Important Day Planner that I use every day to plan out my blogging schedule. Why This Planner Works for Me ♡ The Goals Section makes it easier for me remind myself that things on a LONG TERM basis and align my day accordingly. ♡ The Reminders Section correlates with the goals. ♡ Any extra information or tasks can be put in the Tasks Section. ♡ It keeps me set on the task at hand and…


{photo: @handsinframe}   The best way to enjoy a rainy day is to have a warm cup of tea in one hand and look out of the window. The whole drenched feeling and having that coziness is pristine. My favorite tea recipe will be coming up in the next post. Look out for that. Till then, Snuggle and sip a tea -B  


{ Bag from Forever21}   Hi guys. Hope your weekend is going well. I was out yesterday with Peeyush and we had lunch at an Indian restaurant. I had Chicken curry and Naan. When the refreshments came, I ordered Coca-Cola with a straw. They probably would have given me one, yet I asked. Ok, but do you know why I asked. Preserve your teeth and make them look white with incorporating the straw. Drinking any juice, try sipping it with a straw and not directly. Plus, you do not get those sick lip stains on the glass and cup. Neat,…