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Hey all, It is Sunday and I have to try to creative way to make the daily breakfast much more fun and healthier to eat. I made these Waffles, these are the usual ones from Eggo, click here to see. Once baked in the oven, I added Blackberries and Strawberries and topped it with some Whipped Cream.   Happy cooking! Subscribe here


Have you heard about the wonderful qualities of Turmeric? Well, if not you ought to know and get I just did a podcast! Yay!!! Here is the link. I have talked a lot about Turmeric there. Here is a much bigger explanation to incorporate Turmeric into our lives. What is Turmeric? Turmeric is nothing but an ancient spice that has medicinal and healing properties. It has an ingredient curcumin which has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a strong antioxidant. It has anti-inflammatory properties ♡Turmeric helps in fighting those acne marks and healing the leg wounds because of its anti-inflammatory properties. ♡ Turmeric…


Did you see my Instagram? I posted a picture of my recent farmer’s market finds…. I looooove the farmer’s market, but the place I am- the farmer’s market is only on Sundays. I am not sure how is it with you guys. Farmer’s market has amazing fresh and organic produce and it is sourced all locally. I bought a couple of berries because one can add them to anything- toast, milk, etc. I bought few of them- Strawberries- 1 basket Blackberries- 1 basket Raspberries- 1 basket Red Grapes- a bunch I pop them after my meals.     +Share your…


Hi Folks! Whenever I am FaceTime with my mom, she is absolutely going crazy with the acne of my skin. Yes! acne!!!  I remember the baby soft skin that I had up till a couple of months- say till May this year! 🙁 I am totally shaken by the amount of acne that has come on my face over the last couple of months. It is a lot! I never had acne or breakouts as a teenager, but this is my mid 20’s and it is happening, I want to cry! Also, I have so many things to stop it.!…

Hi Folks! Whenever I am FaceTime with my mom, she is absolutely going crazy with the acne of my skin. Yes! acne!!!