How To Grow Your Instagram

Recently, I created this video on “How to grow your Instagram”. I have been growing my Instagram for a couple of months now. From literally 0 to 4000+, I have done everything in the bucket and know what has worked for me and what has not. If you are keen on growing your Instagram following, you can watch my video.  


I use my photography gear for clicking beautiful flatlays and pictures for my blog and Instagram, I use the following gear: Canon T6 : buy here Limostudio Umbrella Lights: buy here Phone Ring Light: buy here Plus, I use 1 TB Hard drive to store all my files, get one here. For any questions, email me at Till then, X, B  


{download the printable}   Hi guys, it is 2018 and if you saw my last Instagram stories, I was doing my 2018 Goals and Vision planning. I also created my 2018 Important Day Planner that I use every day to plan out my blogging schedule. Why This Planner Works for Me ♡ The Goals Section makes it easier for me remind myself that things on a LONG TERM basis and align my day accordingly. ♡ The Reminders Section correlates with the goals. ♡ Any extra information or tasks can be put in the Tasks Section. ♡ It keeps me set on the task at hand and…

Plan for 2018!

So, 2018 is right here and still wondering how to make the most of it? Let’s get real if you are reading this article, no matter how many resolutions you make, you can not get through them. So what is it, that you need? ♡ A little will-power. To push yourself and keep doing the things that you planned for. Now, I am not preaching stuff here, but for doing anything you need a little mind of your own to complete it. ♡ A planner. To plan, of course. I love this cute pink planner that I am using for my 2018…

Instagram Live & Maintaining Hair Roots

I recently had my first Instagram live session. And I am planning to make it a regular phenomenon. Plus there will be lots of giveaways coming right up with each Instagram live session. So to announce formally, I will be having these Instagram Live sessions every Thursday at 4:30 PST and I will be announcing the giveaway at the end. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (find the link here) to stay up to date on my Live sessions. On my previous Live Session, I shared about my favorite Hair Products. But trust me, its not in the products,…

My Blogging Journey

Hey there, happy to write to you that my newest Podcast on ” My Blogging Journey”, is up on iTunes and Google Play. My Podcast is also available on Anchor, Overcast and Pocket Casts for anyone not having access to iTunes and Google Play. I talk in depth of my blogging mistakes and how wrong I went in nailing my blogging. I also talk about how and what I learnt in my blogging journey. This is a 15 minute Podcast that you can hear doing anything. The link to the Podcast is : iTunes | Google Play | Overcast | Pocket Cast  Hope…

Yes, I am Podcasting Now!

Yay!!! Finally glad to tell you all that our Podcast is now up. You can hear it on iTunes and Google Play. I started Podcasting at the beginning of December and yes I enjoyed it so much that I recorded another episode. So you can right now find 2 episodes of the Podcast. Episode 1: Intro + benefits of Turmeric where I talk about Turmeric being good for health. Here is my blog post all about it. Episode 2: Instagram Pods. I talk about the misuse and abuse of Instagram pods that fellow bloggers do and hide and how it can…

The TeaTime Girl

The TeaTime Girl is not huge strategy change! I would say, almost everything remains the same. The name change happened because whenever I spoke to someone about selluence, they every time asked me –  What did Selluence mean?  Over a time I realized how necessary it is a good URL for my blog. I wanted my readers to understand what the blog was about by just reading the name. So, I did a little digging and narrowed on The TeaTime Girl. How I got there? I basically thought hard about myself! What words do people describe me with? They mostly used the words-…


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For those who are interested in subscribing to the Selluence newsletter, you can do so by clicking the "Subscribe" text at the top bar. 


Here’s are some quick tips for building your engagement. Your engagement can be boosted by doing the things that I mention here…   ♡ Be present on at least 2 platforms ♡ Post consistently ♡ Ask questions? And Reply when asked ♡ Always reply to negative comments, intelligently ♡ Always ask the question when posting- What value am I giving?   Chat soon, x Bhavana

Here's are some quick tips for building your engagement.


Hi guys, I have been preparing content every single day. For my subscribers, I do not want to fill their mailboxes with my email every single day, but you can always surf on the blog and find a different and refreshing post every day. Or just follow my blog on Bloglovin here Oh also, join a lovely group of growing bloggers here- Girl Bloggers Tribe Anyways, that was on my mind so that was that…. Now coming on to discussing important blogger tools; here is my list: 1. CANVA Canva is by far the best graphics app. I love the…

coming on to discussing important blogger tools; here is my list: