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Ask for Help: Mental Health

Ask for Help: Mental Health

Hello guys!

After listening to the shocking news of Kate Spade’s demise, I gave a huge thought to mental health.

Being an advocate for maintaining one’s mental health, I was literally compelled to write on this.

It is sad to hear about the news of the suicide of one of the industry’s coveted and notable icons. But these huge things definitely teach us something much bigger.

First, let’s begin to talk more openly about how we feel. I am telling you, half of the times one feels shy and embarrassed, but to be honest, one can be shocked to find so many alike when one starts talking.

Second, feeling depressed or sad or lonely is nothing to be ashamed of. Every other person has felt at least one of these emotions in their life.

Also, being upset and angry with someone dealing with problems is not the solution. Rather, it is the duty of the other to show love, and care and kindness.

Lastly, if someone asks for help, never EVER make them feel uncomfortable. Asking for help is the biggest step they have taken, so be a friend to them!

xx, Bhavana

– National Suicide Prevention Line: 1800-273-8255