The function of first draft is to help you figure out your story

The function of every draft after that is to help you figure out the most dramatic way to tell that story


Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website. Please stay a bit longer. Let me introduce myself. I am Bhavana, but you can call me ‘Bebu’.

The blog “The TeaTime Girl” is my creative and candid space where I talk to my readers all about living well and “being the best version of oneself.” You can find health tips, nutrition, and wellness advice from the lessons I learned over the years.

I started the blog in the middle of 2017 just out of boredom and soon it became my baby. Ever since then, I wake up every morning to create bespoke content for my blog. I relentlessly believe that the function of the first draft is to figure out your story. The function of every draft after that is to help figure out the most dramatic way to tell the story. I have been a writer since I was eight (8) years old and believe in creating astounding and catchy visualizations through my writing. My blog was nominated within 2 months for the Liebster Award 2017.

Some of my loves are: finding new trends, jewelry, ice cream and having a merry time with my close ones. I am a die-hard animal lover, dogs, cats, rabbits; love them! Even horses… lol. I stay in San Mateo, California with my husband Peeyush.

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