Hey there fellas.

I am in San Mateo, a half hour drive from San Francisco. It has been raining the entire two days. Rains get a hell of gloomy weather and with all that cloud, it affects me.

I wondered if gloomy days affect you as well… Do you know Seattle that is pretty gloomy has one of the highest suicide rates.?! I understand why! Peeyush says to me, he would move to Seattle for sure. Lol.

Staying Optimistic  Ways

♡ 〰 I burned a candle and played some nice soothing music. I am loving the Piano and Chill playlist on Spotify. You can get the candle here & is in the fragrance “bourbon”. The music elevated your mood and helps you stay optimistic.


♡〰 Since no one wants to step into puddles, stay inside and do some cleaning guys. That is the best way to take your mind off of things.


♡〰 Pick up that phone and call your friends and family. And when I say call, I mean it. No texts, please! I somehow find it rather funny that these days people send a message whats up or a happy birthday wish to make someone feel important. I always feel better on the phone and believe me, you would too.


♡〰 Sleep in. If you are like me who is at home the most part of the day, you know we avoid sleeping in. But let me tell you, it is the best thing. Give yourself that rest from all the cleaning that you just did and lay low. Did you know sleep gives a boost to our cells and is good is so many ways including helping us stay optimistic during a rainy day.


♡〰 Focus on your work. These are the best days for productivity. If you follow everything above, you will be motivated enough to stay focussed and work during the rest of the day.


Chat soon,

x, B

The Teatime Girl Burning candle and Playing music as a way to stay optimistic

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