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4 Products That Get You Noticed

4 Products That Get You Noticed

Hi ladies! what beauty products have you been using lately? are they working for you?…. I have always been a huge lipstick fan but I think I should not be just biased for lipsticks, right? So I have been testing out some products on face to see how our facial features change.

The Teatime Girl 4 Products That Get You NoticedThe products that I used:

The Eyebrow Powder

My days with using an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows are long over. I was introduced to brow powder 2 years ago. I chose the Tarte Brow Powder in shade black-brownThe eyebrow powder gives a very natural look to one’s eyebrows. To use the brow powder, I have an angled brush. It is a pretty inexpensive one that I bought from Forever 21, I suppose.


Of all the four, the mascara is my favorite. I do not stick to one mascara type but keep on switching and trying new products. My favorite one so far in drugstore products is the Loreal Voluminous Mascara. Three to four coats of mascara can work wonders with the trick I explain you in this blog post.

Eyelash Primer

Eyelash primer is the most helpful find I have this last year. My whole eyelash game has changed just because of the eyelash primer. I use the Loreal Voluminous Primer for my eyelashes. Nothing very expensive!


Eyeliners! They are remarkable in giving a whole new shape to one’s eyes. And the best thing is that we can play with our eyeliner in order for the kind of look that we are going in for. I have always been a brush eyeliner girl and not a pen one. I use the Nyx Eyeliner for myself.


Using these products is an entire game altogether. Well for starters in a there no particular sequence for most of them. One can use the brow powder first and then go in for the eyeliner or vice versa. But here is how my usual sequence is-

  • Eyebrow Powder – since I believe eyebrows can make your face, I personally need to get it right when I am starting.
  • Eyeliner – since it requires some amount of concentration
  • Eyelash Primer – because we need to prime or base coat our eyelashes before applying mascara
  • Mascara

To ensure attention to one’s face quickly & within seconds, there are some Do’s and Dont’s

Eyebrow Powder Do’s

  • Use light strokes
  • Fill in the areas where there is a gap or less hair
  • Start from the bottom of the eyebrow
  • Start to fill in from the middle of the eyebrow and go in the direction towards the temples
  • If you have dark hair, use a lighter color for your eyebrows and vice versa

Eyebrow Dont’s

  • Avoid using a pencil to fill in
  • Do not use a heavy hand to fill in your brows

Eyeliner Do’s

  • Start from the end of your eye and come towards the middle
  • Use the three-dot principle to line your eye

Eyeliner Dont’s

  • Do not try to start from the inner corner of the eye

Eyelash Primer Do’s

  • Apply 2 coats of the primer before applying your mascara
  • If one has an eyelash curler, use it before applying primer
  • Let the primer be in a semi-dried state to apply mascara

Eyelash Primer Dont’s

  • A lot of primer would not help. It will only make your lashes look goopier.

Mascara Do’s

  • Apply 3- 4 coats of mascara. 1 coat is one dip in the bottle
  • Coat your eyelashes in a wiggly way. This makes the eyelashes not stick together
  • If you are reapplying mascara, let the earlier coat dry for 15 seconds at least and then go in
  • Brush and coat from the entire eyelash

Mascara Dont’s

  • Do not just coat the tip of the eyelash for volume
  • Do not forget to apply mascara on the bottom part of the eyelashes


If you need any tips or advice on beauty email me at hello@theteatimegirl.com and if you liked what I wrote about you may be interested in grabbing my 5 Beauty Secrets PDF. You can get it by subscribing to my blog here.

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