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Hi fellas , This is a long post. So grab your favorite drink and read this blog post that is pretty dear to my heart.


1.It is not OK to drive rash. The number of accidents that I see every time I am on the highway is a shocker for me. Back in my hometown, I have been in 2 accidents, one where I was hurt pretty badly that I was rushed to the hospital in emergency. Nothing good comes from rash driving. Only lives lost. So, go slow, and go easy because when someone drives rash they put everybody else’s life at risk. Also, I have timed things and seen that if one drives rash, they just end up reaching 2-3 minutes early maximum. For those 2-3 minutes, one ends up losing the mileage and the normal wear and tear of the car suffers over time.


2.Simple life is best life. I used to always think that having a simple life is so boring. But hell no, I was wrong. The fact is an extremely happening life does not guarantee happiness or peace of mind. In turn, I always aspire and try to have a simple life. Make the simple choices, learn the easy things first, do basic good.


3.Financial responsibility and independence is important. I have been lucky too have a great support system with me, but for those who never get that, learn this the hard way. Being aware of your finances and investments is crucial. Also, an empowered person is one is at least financially independent. That means, one has the certain amount that they receive for their own casual needs and they are not accountable for it.


4.Pleasure is in the little things. I seldom believed that materialistic gain is amazing. But no, if you are able to find out time for those tiny things and moments, you are doing a good job at finding happiness. Make time on your weekends for your family, in evenings leave your phone and enjoy in the family living room, make amazing home movies, or if you cannot, watch some family shows.


5.Best friendships do not need words all the time. Some of those lifelong friends that you will make and I have made, do not need a sorry or a please. Rather, they might not even hear a hello or a hi for months, but still will love you the same way you do. They will still show up at your wedding an would help you with your dress.


6.Sometimes less is more with friends. True friends are always the ones that you can count on your fingers. I know my true friends will always stand by me in testing times, in any manner they can. But they will. Comment your top 5 friends. Study shows and I heard this somewhere, only the top 5 are the most important. Your top 5 can be anyone, a family , spouse, friend, anyone. So, comment.


7.Keep a little cash in every wallet. I keep around 100-200 dollars in every money bag, or sometimes I just have loose change like 20s in them. Why I like doing this? Simple, for all those situations or places where you need cash and they do not have a card machine or their card machine or ATM machine is down. Another way it helps is by providing money when you are completely out of it. It is like your emergency reserve. Or that extra thing that you need to get before you get home otherwise your guests will miss out on something.


8.Save for a rainy day. I was completely out of cash once I was in Toronto on a student visa. But I got out of that situation because I kept saving a portion of the money in my account. Set aside a monthly amount of whatever amount suits you and keep depositing that much month on month.


9.Try doing things the DIY way. Staying in San Francisco with my husband, and starting a new life has its challenges. When setting our home or decorating it, I always try to do things by own self. Of course, my husband (Peeyush) helps. The same thing I could buy in the market for $100-$200 more.


10.Your first Job will shape you the most. I have worked so far in two companies. But it is my first job where I actually learnt the lessons that shaped me for my second job. The mistakes I made there, actually helped me in everything else. The credit also goes to my bosses and superiors.


11.A woman has immense strength. Do not be mistaken by physical strength, but emotional and mental strength. We women are born with lots of will power and determination and it is us women who rule everything- the house, the job, our business. It is us women who provide strength to our significant others in testing times and show them the right thing. We are the ones who nurture our babies and support our elders.


12.If I do not know anything, I Google or just ASK. A very wise man once told me, if you do not know anything- a route, a place, or anything, it is only when you ask, you will get answers. Also, nowadays most answers we can get from google too. LOL !


13.Nothing comes easy. Well this is nothing new, but I learnt it pretty late. It is now that I truly struggle and get things done, and the reward is amazing. An example of this is that I just launched 2 days back my FREE Facebook group- Be Your Darling and the response has been amazing. The group has grown to have almost 200 inspired, confident women hustlers and bloggers in just 2 days. Yesterday, it was a long busy day, but I enjoyed the fruits of it.


14.Learn to say NO. One cannot please everyone and cannot do what everyone wants. Hence, I learnt to saying NO. I understood that I need to put what I want in the picture too.


15.Put yourself first. It is not called being selfish. It is important. Otherwise, there are many who would take advantage of you. Therefore, understand that your self esteem and principles are going to come first.


16.Balancing act is called Diplomacy. Many a times, it is best to keep one’s mouth close. Sometimes, the more peaceful route is to present your side by not offending anyone. Women are born diplomats. They can handle any situation. Diplomatic does not mean here to manipulate anyone. It just means to make the other understand your side in a peaceful way.


17.Marry only when you want to. Now there is a difference in being ready and wanting to get married. One can never be actually ready for marriage. But one can want to get married. Get married when you want to live with one man all your life, have kids and make beautiful memories. Do not marry when all your friends are, or you feel lonely at parties, and definitely not when people are pressuring you.


18.Take a solo trip before you decide to commit. Travel the world or the new city, before you set ground. Taking a solo trip after marriage is possible, but would not happen for many. Try and take a breath of new wind when you are free. It will be the most rewarding experience. Come back and say that YES! If he wants to wait, he will.

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