Look What Came in the Mail

Hey Teatime Girls! I have heard raving reviews about the Mario Badescu brand and how wonderful it is for the skin. Since I have combination skin and lean more towards the drier side, I recently read a couple of things about skincare on the internet and read lots of blogs by the experts, I came upon the best way to start a skincare regime is to get a starter kit. Since my young days, I have been lucky enough to be gifted with good skin. Thank you, Mumma, for that! But age and skin are not necessarily the best of friends.…

Cold Shoulder and Me

The cold shoulder trend has been growing for quite some time. And in that light, I decided to adorn one of the cold shoulder tops. I recently purchased this black and white striped top from Forever 21. Mine is in the size Small. For the outfit, I chose a pair of black jeans from Tommy Hilfiger and paired it up with leather black heels.

Red and White Stripes

So, fourth of July is just around the corner and in that light, I bought this cute t-shirt from here. Pair it with denim (shorts or jeans) and it would look fabulous for the day. A couple of red and white stripe suggestions from Amazon:   just $15   Stretchy Crop Top   Some of other suggestions :

Half Moon Bay

Visiting the Half Moon Bay downtown was so much fun. It was Peeyush, my mom and I. We had some ice creams and walked the street. This blue and yellow combo stood out so much for me. This shade of yellow is not to miss, I am sure. I bought it here.   Here are a couple of suggestions for you to shop from. They are all available in yellow for you.

Ask for Help: Mental Health

Hello guys! After listening to the shocking news of Kate Spade’s demise, I gave a huge thought to mental health. Being an advocate for maintaining one’s mental health, I was literally compelled to write on this. It is sad to hear about the news of the suicide of one of the industry’s coveted and notable icons. But these huge things definitely teach us something much bigger. First, let’s begin to talk more openly about how we feel. I am telling you, half of the times one feels shy and embarrassed, but to be honest, one can be shocked to find so…


Hey fellas!! How is the week going on for you? If you are following my Behind The Scenes on Instagram Stories, you know I have been moving and shifting to a new house. The packing, moving and unpacking is so tiring. It was when the weekend came, I decided I needed to relax and give myself some “Me Time.” I stepped into the shower with my favorite Yardley Soaps. Yardley has been a favorite for a long time. I love their soaps and bath collection. I used English Lavender, Oatmeal, and Almond and Creamy Coconut. English lavender has pure lavender…

Floral Birthday Dress

 Last week was my birthday week and it was a happy one. I wore this floral dress and have been crushing on it ever since. The material is super soft and is perfect for the spring and summer months. It comes with a soft lining inside that makes the dress even more flow. Get the dress here.              

Tastiest Cafe in Bay Area

Tootsies at Stanford Barn was a welcoming experience for both, Peeyush and I. We decided to visit the place for brunch and pre-ordered some coffee and hot chocolate before. The hot chocolate was creamy and tasty. The chocolate tasted pure greatness once we had it. Such rich chocolate taste was never tasted by both of us. Visit them here.

No-Frizz Hair on a Budget

I always find lots of hair conditioners at major prices in stores. But recently, I came across one that actually was not harmful to my hair and made me go from “frizz” to “no-frizz“. It is this hair conditioner that provides moisture and has the goodness of Shea Butter, Peppermint, and Apple Cider Vinegar. It smoothes and nourishes my hair. Also, it has the essential properties of Jamaican Black Castor Oil that helps in hair strength.

How To Grow Your Instagram

Recently, I created this video on “How to grow your Instagram”. I have been growing my Instagram for a couple of months now. From literally 0 to 4000+, I have done everything in the bucket and know what has worked for me and what has not. If you are keen on growing your Instagram following, you can watch my video.  

Indian Pizza Delicacy

This weekend, Peeyush and I were out for long hours. The weather in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and neighboring places was warmer as well. There was something special about our lunch. We had an Indian Pizza (Paneer Pizza ). This was at a nearby restaurant. The ingredients roughly were: Paneer / Tofu Coriander (to garnish) Tomatoes Cheese (of course) The best part of the pizza was, the tofu/ paneer pieces were neither big nor small. They were the right size to fit in the mouth. The base was baked at the right temperature and chopped coriander was sprinkled on top…